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When looking for a method of sharing resources for my knowledge share project I had a difficult time selecting a tool to assist. I bounced back and forth between different curation tools such as Pinterest, Refind, or Diigo, but I wanted something a little different than the traditional curation tools. In my search I came across List.ly. List.ly is curation through lists, but what drew me to it was it could be created to allow community members contribute. This came in the form of adding resources to the list, commenting, reacting, and ranking. In addition to this it allows the option for the creator to moderate the list so any community resource is added into a queue for review before being accessible to the public. It also tracks the number of views, follows, items, votes, clicks of each resource, and page views. I feel like such an interactive community and data collection allows for the adjustments in the resource curated based upon the community. I believe this will lead toward a targeted professional learning opportunity.

Also list creation is a simple two page process! The first page is the title, description, and the section pages is a quick way to add resources by type! I was also lucky that I found an awesome WordPress plugin to smoothly embed the list in my blog! So simple!


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      Great post! Loved the information you shared on List.ly. I think it’s a great tool. Yet, people don’t really know a lot about it. For example, you can link your Listly lists to external sites, such as a blog. The owner can moderate the list and the readers can interact with the list. Listly enables you to create interactive content that draws the eye and that people love to interact with. All the basic functionality of Listly is available for free. There are premium features available for a price, but all the basic list-making functionality is available at no cost. On the downside, it doesn’t have an android app to the best of my knowledge yet. Thanks again!

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