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I mentioned previously the professional benefits I gained through the knowledge gained from this course by increasing my PLN on Twitter, but I also benefited from the produsage assignment. I briefly spoke of my exploration of the world of micro-credentials and ideas we were tossing around for different professional development pilots using them. Between an insanely busy summer of developing, observing, and attending trainings and conferences, and no idea how to effectively design the Course Description Day, I was starting to think we would not be able to implement it this school year. This all changed one day when I was bemoaning my lack of a clear plan for this assignment to a coworker. All she did was mention off hand that it sounded a lot like what I was having to do for this pilot. A simple little off hand remark that showed me something my mind wasn’t connecting! It took a bit of tweaking, research, and more than a few hours of work, but I am happy to say that through the produsage assignment the Course Description Day will soon be live!

Course Description Awareness Day will take place within the Canvas Learning Management System in the form of a course, make use of the users choice of additional social media platforms, and the micro-credential system. The Course Description Awareness Day event will consist of the first sections of the course; however, participants will have access to two additional sections to show an increasing level of mastery of the course description system. Each section will award a micro-credential based upon the achievement or skill in which a person has demonstrated competency regarding their mastery of the course description system. When all three of these credentials have been earned, participants will earn a mastery badge to denote completion of the full course. We have provided a list of the activities and corresponding credentials that can be earned below:

Level 1

The first level will train how to access the course description information, export it, and review it. A participant will then record and report key facts. This will be the section that is the “course description day” event.

Level 2

The second level requires participants to reflect on how understanding the specific standards aligned to a course assists in planning a lesson for students, how will this assists in formative and summative assessment, how this aligns to current practices, and how this will modify current instructional practices. This can be written or visual. The evidence will be shared through a form of social media jsut as a video on Twitter or Youtube.

Level 3

The third level demonstrates participants’ competency through implementation. Participants will provide visual evidence of a modified instructional practice due to an increased awareness of course and standards alignment. Participants may choose to record a class lesson, group lesson planning session, or instructional coaching session.

Level 4

This credential will be awarded when all three prior levels have been earned. Level 4 represents a participant’s mastery of the course description system.

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