Reflection: Knowledge Sharing

Here I am with yet another assignment I managed to make dual purpose! In my professional life I have been working with educational partners in the state to develop new computer science courses which will be added to the state’s course code directory. We had a lack of general education computer science courses as most feel under the CTE field. We developed 5 new courses, 3 for middle school and 2 for high school. These will fit into a smooth progression from these courses through AP Computer Science 1!

Due to this and a new state statue requiring all districts give students the option of enrolling in computer science course means we face not only the issue of promoting and supporting CSed, but ensuring the influx of teachers in the new CSed have the support they need to provide high quality instruction. It was due to the timing of this that I decided to create a list of resources in an effort to provide teachers starting the journey into CSed. It also allowed me a means of connecting to my contacts at the district and school levels as they interactive with the resource.

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