Reflection: Blogging!

SO, I usually try to admit when I am wrong. It has reached the point I believe I am going to have to admit that about blogging for this class. When I first read that requirement I was mortified! I couldn’t think of anything but my days back in high school with my pretentious, angst ridden Xanga. I have used blogs as a resources for learning new information from others, but I couldn’t see how it would help by ME writing one.

I have been surprised with how much I have enjoyed keeping up with this blog! I have been amazed with how much it has helped me organize my thoughts on the content we are learning and the tools I have been researching. Additionally being part of a community where I have read other blogs, interacted with others on their blogs (and mine!) has helped me made connections with the content I would have missed otherwise. At this point I am very much contemplating attempting to keep this blog going as I progress through other classes in this program!

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