Digital Literacy

With this the focus this week being social media and privacy in education I felt it would be appropriate to share two resources focused on teachers digital literacy to students.

The first is from Google, and is centered on educating teachers on the hows and whys of digital literacy, and how important it is to teach students. It then goes into the basics of digital literacy. The focus is teaching students about internet safety and privacy, securing your mobile device, the credibility of online sources of information, staying safe from phishing and other scams, and managing online reputation. It is a 5 unit, 10 lesson course and can be completed in an hour an a half. It can be found here.

The second is from Microsoft, and is a free digital literacy curriculum. The Microsoft curriculum features 6 courses which range 1 to 3 hours each. The courses include Computer Basics, The Internet, Cloud Services, and the World Wide Web, Productivity Programs, Computer Security and Privacy, Digital Lifestyles, and a test for a Digital Literacy Certificate. These courses are aligned to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) global standards, and can be found here.

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