Manners on the Internet?!

After sharing about digital literacy I felt it was important to touch on another topic I feel is important about using social media in education, internet manners.  I know it might not seem like many people have those, especially in communities where they can remain anonymous! I believe that following guidelines for behavior in online social areas can help reduce incidents of misbehavior when using social media in education.

I grew up with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy in one hand, and the internet in the other. Because of this I got to experience the grow of the internet as a social medium. I’ve used just about every form of online communication, and one thing they have in common, even if it isn’t always followed, is a guideline for manners called Netiquette. You can find information at the Netiquette homepage 

It might also interest you to view a set of guidelines based on Netiquette. Reddit has made a set of guideline which better fits its unique structure call Reddiquette. More information can be found at

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