Reflection: Life, Liberty, and Web 2.0 Learning!

I don’t even know where to start with this! We have covered so much in this course, and I have learned so much it is hard to condense it down into words! I am just starting my masters this summer, and I was very worried that it would impact my performance at work. I can clearly say I was right about that; however, it was far from the negative impact I feared, especially this course.

I the information I have learned in this course has had such a positive impact on my professional life. I have learned more about professional learning networks and how to grow mine to continue growing professionally. I was show through the course and assignments how I could use social media to curate and share knowledge across my learning network for the benefit of others, and I even learned how to build a Web 2.0 course/community in order to increase aware of the importance of standards-based instruction among Florida’s public school teachers! I’m not even sure how we were able to fit so much into such a short amount of time haha!

It was such an amazing experience to take part in a course I could immediately apply to my professional life! And just in case some random person finds this while trying decide on take this course with Professor Dennen… 10/10 would take it again!

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