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Open Explorer Description

Open Explorer is a free digital field journal through National Geographic. It is an amazing tool for allowing students to explore the world, and see different content areas in a real-world setting. It also offers the ability for users to create their own expeditions to tell their story. This would be a great project for schools, classes, or individual students. Open Explorer describes itself as:

Open Explorer is a community powered by our digital field journal platform. It’s for everyone: university researchers to citizen scientists, students to professional explorers. If you have a story to tell or a place to explore anywhere in the world, you can do it here.

An expedition can be any story a curious person or group wants to tell about their world. Expeditions on Open Explorer range from fully funded groups exploring our oceans to the high school student using drones to explore and document their neighborhood. The only requirement to start an expedition: You have to be curious.

Each entry on Open Explorer is a geotagged timeline that documents a given expedition in text, photos and video. As you scroll through the timestamped posts, the adjacent map adjusts to show the expedition’s geographic movements.

Finding Expeditions

Open Explore offers many ways to search for expeditions targets to your specific desires. You are able to search by name, popularity, activity, most recent posted, specific geographic types, and their location on a word map.

Creating Expeditions

Open Explore makes the creation of digital field journals incredibly smooth. It takes only two pages to start the process. The first pages gathers the basics including name, dates, category tags, a summary, and an option to include an informational video. The second page gathers background information on the expedition an includes the main content, images, and the ability to mark the location of your expedition using latitude and longitude. Once created others are able to follow the journal to track progress, and provide feedback through a comment section.

URL: https://openexplorer.nationalgeographic.com

Cost: Free!

Target Audience: All Students

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