Video Feature: The Best Content Curation & Ideation Tools

This week I am sharing a video is by A.J. Ghergich. I came across it in my research into curation tools an it dives into four different tools. This video really allowed me to make some useful connections to how these types of tools can be used to benefit you educationally and professionally.

Anders Pink –

The video first looks at Anders Pink which allows you to explore identified topics which are trending. I enjoyed how it also allows you to explore the top items on this topic being shared on your network in addition to the internet on a whole! My main take-away from this was the ability to help you identify areas which aren’t being shared within your network!

Nuzzel –

The video’s second tool is Nuzzel. I was not able to form much of an opinion, or gain much knowledge, from the reviewer on this tool. I felt it was very glossed over to have been selected as one of their top tools.

Refind –

Though it was a short look at this tool, I really enjoyed it. Being an invite only tool I had read some about it in my research on curation tools, but did not have a good mental visualization of the tool. I loved being able to see its ability to pull in the content being shared by your Twitter network into easy to see titles. I also was intrigued by its ability to follow specific people within your network to curate their shares.

Zest –

The final tool, Zest, was not of much interest to me as it was focused specifically on people in marketing. Though it isn’t a tool I would use, it was interesting learning about how this resource is manually curated by people for marketers.

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